Finding a positive, healthy and happy way to heal from the effects of abuse and depression.

Welcome back, friends! I'm excited to bring Part III of Nicole's series in The Conversations.
Today we are talking about the importance of language. How do you want to speak to a person of colour if you have questions and want to know more about #BlackLivesMatter? If you want to open space and have more dialogue, make sure you do some research and use your common sense. Know that it's okay to ask questions, but don't expect BIPOC to educate you, educate yourself as much as you can first, and then continue the conversations.
Nicole also provides a handful of impactful resources where you can begin your research into supporting Black and Indigenous people. That list will be provided on the RESOURCES page.
I hope you enjoy the conclusion of Nicole's series while more importantly continuing to hold these conversations yourself.
Welcome back, friends!
I'm thrilled to be sharing another episode with Nicole as we continue our conversations around the topic of #BlackLivesMatter.
In this episode, Nicole discusses her ethnic upbringing and how that played a factor in accepting her culture and blood. She discusses the importance of language, what terms are operable if you're uncertain how to talk to our beautiful sisters and brothers of colour, and her advocacy about women's bodies.
Enjoy the show!

Welcome to, The Conversations!

Hello friends, I'm excited to bring you to this new series where I will be talking with our beautiful sisters and brothers of colour who will share their stories, processes, experiences, and wisdom of living in a suppressed society. It is time for us to wake up and LISTEN and do what is necessary for positive, healthy and sustainable change in our world in regard to how we treat People Of Colour.
I need to listen, and I need to be a better listener!! I can now see and understand (more each day) how I have been privileged as a white person living in a predominantly white accepted world, and this can no longer be accepted. I have been blinded by my own privilege that I didn't recognize the damage I was causing; but I do now, and because I want to learn and grow and be a better ally, I thought that this platform would be a wonderful way for me to educate myself and others who want to be part of the Change!
Today, I am thrilled to have my first guest in this series, Nicole Pemberton! Nicole is a visionary artist, dancer, speaker, advocate and the creatrix of The Goddess Moves! To find out more, check out her site here.
Helloooooooo friends!! It's been a while, but what an important time for me to dig deeper into myself when the whole world was forced to self-isolate, and this is what I wanted to talk about in this episode. It's also the opportunity to begin a new season! So, in all of my gratitude, thank you for your patience.
As the world has been shaken by the coronavirus, we have all felt the impact of what it has stirred. Significant lives lost, the economy crashes, lost jobs, and a higher rate of depression, anxiety, and panic, but as the world begins to re-open, this virus has not yet ebbed and we must be diligent in our care for ourselves and others.
While isolating may be a challenge, I've also seen this time become a greater wake-up call to do self-healing. Dig deep into the emotions and behavioural patterns that no longer serve me. So instead of wadding through the heavy emotions of this challenging time, I've also looked at it as an opportunity to change what no longer works.
My question is friends, have you noticed this as well? What changes have you been making that we are now forced to look into? Have you seen this as a damaging time or a gifted opportunity? Let's look into it.

Hello friends,

During this unprecedented time, we need to be clear on our mental health more than ever. With self-isolation and so much global uncertainty, we must make sure that we keep a clear mind and focus on the now! Not the fear of the future.

We're in this together. ❤️🦋



Today is all about Functional Medicine.
As I continue my conversation with Pam Purnell, Pam dives deeper into what Functional Medicine is. How do we get into the root cause of our physical symptoms? It's a series of tests that will help discover and give you a closer look into what is ailing you.
Go to my RESOURCES page if you are looking to get in contact with Pam or want to know the links that Pam talks about.
Enjoy the episode! ❤️
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Welcome back, friends!
I'm so thrilled to have Pam Purnell on the show! Pam has a very interesting and lengthy healing journey that began at a young age. Due to childhood illness, Pam was placed on antibiotics for health issues but these antibiotics, in turn, had compromised Pam's immunity. So when Pam contracted Mono in her teens, her body was unable to cope with the illness due to her compromised immunity.
Over the next decade, one of Pam's symptoms was severe exhaustion. As Pam describes it, she basically "crashed" after any event or at the end of the day. After countless medical misdiagnosis, Pam took her health into her own hands and discovered Functional Medicine. More of this in Part II of this series. What Pam discovered out of all her testing was that she had Lyme Disease and mould issues.
During this interview, Pam offers some wonderful websites where you can do more research into your health concerns and see if Functional Medicine is something for you. You can click on my RESOURCES page for further information.
Pam talks about a web site called: where you can type in your medication and see the nutrients depleted in your body from the medication you take.
To follow Pam's journey and discover more of her work, you can click onto her web site here: Healing Tree Alchemy

Ep. 23 - EMDR Update!

Hi friends, I wanted to share a YouTube Video by Dr. Amy Serin who gives more detail into the EMDR technique. Which technique will work better and why some don't. I highly recommend that you check out this quick 5-minute video to inform yourself if you are considering this form of treatment.
I'll also include the link to the Touchpoint Solutions web site so you have more information on this technology if you are considering purchasing this product. I'm not sponsored or sponsoring the use of this equipment. Always talk with your team of health professionals to provide you with the right information on your healing journey!
Check out my website for these links:
All the best! 🙏❤️🦋

Ep. 22 - EMDR To Heal Trauma

In this episode, I discuss the healing technique called EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.
This technique has been around since the late 1980s and has been building traction as another tool to assist clinicians in helping their patients with psychological issues, and PTSD survivors.
This technique allows the brain to be distracted so that awareness and attention can be placed on the trauma; therefore, allowing the healing process to occur.
To read more about EMDR, click here: or here:
To view the tool kit of EMDR, click here:
Yup, finally getting into the Rage Room experience and it is one I would highly recommend!
My friend and I went to Thundrdome Amusements here in Calgary, and had a blast, ( I guess, literally) by smashing the hell out of these inanimate objects! What a wonderful, yet powerful way to release anger in the safety of an environment that ENCOURAGES the release of this energy. I recommend checking out their site and see if it aligns with you, or finding one in your area.
After the Rage Room experience, I continue to heal my voice. The greatest thing I could do for myself was to release old and toxic pent up anger and deepen my healing with my little girl. My voice is not healed yet but I didn't expect it to be. I went with the intention of having fun, breaking as much shit as I wanted and needed too, while at the same time allowing my little girl to express what she never got a chance too. I doubt this will be the only time I go.
In this episode, I also talk about what other methods I've adopted since this CPTSD episode happened last November. What I'm aware of, and what I'm not ashamed of doing.
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